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Edmonton Catholic Schools

A Newcomers' Guide to High School Education in Edmonton Catholic Schools

“Our classrooms look as global villages of many cultures and languages.  Students with English as a Second Language (ESL) needs are part of almost every school population in Alberta.”

Alberta Curriculum - ESL Guide (High School)

This guide provides information and suggestions that will help you establish good communication with your child’s teacher. Good communication makes it easier for the teacher to get to know your child and for you to understand what is happening in school. It will make the adjustment to a different school system as smooth as possible. Your involvement will help your child be a successful student.

Available in ten languages:  Arabic, Chinese (traditional and simplified scripts), English, Filipino/Tagalog, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.  This guide will soon be available in Amharic and French languages.

In this guide, the word ‘parent’ includes guardians, caregivers and other family members.


Arabic 2020.pdf
Chinese Simplified 2020.pdf
Chinese Traditional 2020.pdf
English 2020.pdf
Filipino-Tagalog 2020.pdf
Polish 2020.pdf
Russian 2020.pdf
Spanish 2020.pdf
Ukrainian 2020.pdf
Vietnamese  2020.pdf