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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Canadian Parents for French

​​​Canadian Parents for French is an organization created by French Immersion parents for French Immersion parents. The Canadian Parents for French website includes:

  • A newsletter
  • Information on presentations, conferences, speakers, and workshops for parents
  • Opportunities for students to enhance their French language skills
  • Ideas how parents can support their child’s language learning
  • A resource library

Canadian Parents for French – Edmonton Catholic Schools Chapter

CPF Edmonton Catholic Schools Chapter is a volunteer association working to promote and support French second language learning opportunities for those associated with Edmonton Catholic Schools. Our activities include support for parents, advocacy for and promotion of French language programs, enhancement of student learning, and the promotion and hosting of a variety of activities that support the development of French Language and Culture.

You can support local schools, teachers, and your children by purchasing a membership.  65% of your membership fee comes back to the local chapter, CPF Edmonton Catholic Schools.  Visit the CPF Alberta Membership page for more information and an online form.

Supporting Your French Immersion Child

Yes, You Can Help! handbook

Concerned about helping your immersion child? Want to know what other immersion parents have learned? Looking for French resources and extracurricular activities? The handbook Yes, You Can Help! answers these and many other questions. A wealth of useful information for French immersion parents, the handbook is written by unilingual parents with the assistance of teachers, administrators, researchers, and education department staff; published by Alberta Education; and available from Canadian Parents for French. Visit the CPF Alberta website for more information on Yes, Yo​u Can Help! book.

Join CPF

Join Canadian Parents for French. It costs just $25 for one year or $60 for three. Of that fee, 65% goes to the Edmonton Catholic Chapter, 25% goes to the provincial branch, and 10% helps to cover processing costs. By joining CPF you support your child through:

  • access to more information about ways to help, local events in French, and other people to talk to
  • participation in CPF-organized events, including workshops, conferences, and activities for families
  • demonstration of support for French-language education to federal and provincial governments and local school boards.

Visit the CPF Alberta Membership page for more information.

Edmonton Catholic Chapter Events

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meetings are held at the beginning of the school year. Notice will be sent to all members once the date and place have been set. Come and meet parents wanting to support French second language learning for their children.  Bring a friend and find out what the chapter has been up to and help us look at what our chapter can do to support French learning opportunities. 

Bringing French chez nous  -  French at home

  • For a small annual fee, parents and students may borrow, books, games, videos, and audio materials that support French language  learning from l'Institut Guy Lacombe.  This is an outstanding resource centre and is located at 8627-91 Street in Edmonton's French quarter!

  • Movies on DVD -- Most DVDs now have language options. Encourage children to watch their favourite movies in French to see what differences in expressions are used.

  • Encourage children to watch cartoons and movies in French on Radio-Canada (the CBC French television channel) or on Netflixs. Consider establishing a rule: when you watch cartoons on Saturday morning, watch at least one show in French.

  • Radio -- Listen to CBC Radio One (740 AM) Fridays from 11:30 a.m. to 12 noon for C'est La Vie. It's a program in English (mostly) about French Canada. According to their website: "The program tells the stories of French-speaking Canadians, both in Québec and in the rest of the country. It is not a program about politics, the Constitution or national unity, but it doesn't shy away from controversy. The program examines French-speaking life in such areas as media, arts and culture, sports and business."

  • Radio -- Radio Canada (90.1 FM) "Espace musique" plays a variety of music (jazz, classical, world music, emerging artists, French singers) from around the world. The talking is in French, but a lot of the music is English, so it's a nice mix for French immersion parents. According to their website: "Espace musique est une radio musicale qui vous accompagne nuit et jour, sans publicite, avec une multitude de styles et de rythmes : du classique, du jazz, de la chanson francophone, de la musique du monde et de la musique emergent."

  • Eat out in French -- Take your children to a French restaurant and let them help order in French for the family.

  • Music and Books in French -- Bring French music and books into your home. Check out  the Archambault website for French books and music.

  • Apps in French – Take a moment to search for French IPAD apps and introduce your child to some fun French games! 

  • Magazines in French -- Get a subscription for your child to a magazine like Pomme d'api or J'aime lire from Canada's Bayard Press.


French Catholic Parishes

The city of Edmonton has a rich heritage that is rooted in French culture. French missionaries established many of the original parishes and their legacy is the many French parishes that are in the Edmonton and surrounding area. The following parishes offer services in French: