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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Teaching Resources

The 2018 ECSD LINC Curriculum Guidelines-V2.6.pdf was created in 2015 and revised in 2018 to provide a point of reference for new teachers while learning to teach a CLB class, and a way for existing teachers to confirm their knowledge and program expectations.  This resource is open to the public and tailored to fit the ECSD LINC context.

The revision of the Curriculum Guidelines added sample modules and assessments created by teachers around a common theme with the intention of providing future new teachers with tangible examples that can be used during the first months of instruction. Email for a copy of it.   

LINC Literacy at ECSD

The literacy stream has been in existence since September 2014 at ECSD LINC starting with Sacred Heart, then expanding to St. Francis Women's Program and lately to One World One Centre. This stream has recently started to use ESL for ALL in addition to PBLA, and has a brand new website called LINC Literacy at ECSD.  

The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks hosts LINC core resources for CLB and Foundations classes in its publications web page; it also offers additional resources in its bookshelf. The core resources we use are listed below,

Core Resources

Core Resources

 Other resources