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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Our Classes

Who qualifies?

Permanent residents or protected persons who are of legal school-leaving age in Alberta

Who doesn’t qualify?

  • People on Visitor, Student or Work visas
  • Canadian Citizens

How much is the cost?

Students don't pay anything; these classes are funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. 

When and where are the classes?

Students can choose a school from the 4 sites we have and they also choose the time of the day to attend, full time during the day or part time during the evening.

What do you learn?

English and how to settle in Canada, for example housing (how to talk to your neighbours and landlord), banking (how to read your pay stub), education (how to write a note to your children's teacher), employment (how to follow instructions in your workplace), citizenship (how to understand a letter from your application), etc.

What do you get?

  • A certificate for each level you progress in
  • After reaching CLB 4, a certificate that you can use to apply for Canadian Citizenship 
  • Free child care during the day
  • Field trips in and around Edmonton
  • Information from guest speakers
  • Help from a Career Counselor, a Student Advisor, and a Student Employability Advisor
  • Help from qualified and experienced teachers and staff

How do you start?

Before visiting one of our schools, students need to complete an assessment at Catholic Social Services . They will receive a LINC card and information about our schools. When students come to our schools, they need to show their LINC card and their permanent resident card or landing papers.