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Edmonton Catholic Schools

CLB Consultant

The CLB Consultant 's primary focus is to encourage and promote the LINC community's involvement in the understanding, acceptance and incorporation of the Canadian Language Benchmarks by offering training for instructors, encouraging consistency of use and alignment within and between Edmonton LINC Service Provider Organizations and the Language Assessment Referral and Counselling Centre (LARCC).

 The following are the main services provided:

  • Deliver ongoing Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) training and CLB calibration workshops to Edmonton LINC Instructors.

  •  Liaise with the LARCC and LINC Service Providers in Edmonton.

  •  Support LINC Service Providers and PBLA Lead Teachers with the implementation of PBLA.

2017-2018 CLB Consultant Services
2017_11 Suggested Resources

 CLB Consultant for Edmonton

Tel: 780-429-3112 ext. 228