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Edmonton Catholic Schools

School Team

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School Teams

Our school teams work together to create learning environments that are inclusive of all learners.  Principals, teachers, educational assistants, therapeutic assistants and other professionals gather information and create learning plans to ensure that those students who require extra supports receive the resources needed to be successful.
At Edmonton Catholic schools, we are committed to enhancing our collaborative practices so that we are creating school teams that work in harmony with each other, are clear about their roles and responsibilities while having our students’ success at the forefront of their planning. 
Following the lead of Alberta Education, we have committed to creating professional growth opportunities for our school teams to enhance their practices to reflect the most recent research.  

Check out video #8 from the Alberta Education Inclusive Education Video Series to get a glimpse of the direction that we are taking.​

Learning Coach

​A learning coach is a teacher who is committed to ensuring success for every student. School-based learning coaches have an understanding of the diverse learning needs of students and are able to identify, model and share varied instructional strategies, resources and tools with teachers. This role focuses on the success of all students by supporting teachers in creating and sustaining inclusive educational environments. All schools in Edmonton Catholic Schools receive district funding to staff a minimum of .6 FTE at each site.

The learning coach:

  • Builds capacity of teachers and support student diversity and success

  • Helps teachers analyze the learner profile of their students, interest inventories, and ongoing formal and informal assessments to support instructional planning

  • Is skilled at fostering teacher collaboration and sharing universal supports for all students

  • Supports learning by working directly with students, utilizing the pyramid of intervention (i.e. whole classroom, small group and one on one teaching as needed)

  • Is skilled in reading intervention and providing supports to teachers and students

  • Creates learning environments together with the teacher, that are effective and engaging for all students

  • Facilitates change through professional learning to improve school staff knowledge on curriculum, diverse practices, and pedagogy

  • Coordinates targeted and specialized supports for students and liaisons with the multi- disciplinary team including behavior supports, family school liaison supports, speech therapy, occupational therapy, mental health and autism supports.

Click here for information on Learning Coaches

School Team2.jpg

Early Learning Facilitators

The position of Early Learning Facilitator was created to enhance the quality of programming in pre-kindergarten and full day kindergarten, as well as provide a higher level of support to classroom teachers and families.

  • Early Learning Facilitators have a degree or diploma in an area related to early learning, plus three years of directly related experience

  • These early childhood educators have specialized training (i.e. child development, communication, emergent curriculum, creating early learning environments) and have enhanced the overall programming in our early learning classrooms as well as offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise

  • Early Learning Facilitators plan and assist in educational program delivery together with teachers in classrooms and in non-traditional settings such as City of Edmonton Recreation sites (Terwillegar Rec Centre, EMU, daycares, etc.)

  • Early Learning Facilitators are responsible for developing and delivering a variety of Family-oriented Programs (FOPs). Family-oriented programming is developmentally appropriate intervention for children with severe disabilities/delays and their families that is in addition to instructional time. They are designed to engage the child’s parent(s) in a process that helps them support their child’s needs within the home and community.

  • Early Learning Facilitators support capacity building along with other members of the multi-disciplinary team within early learning environments​

Therapeutic Assistants

Under the supervision and guidance of a Therapist, Therapeutic Assistants can support students whose learning and development is impeded by challenges due to physical injury, disability, learning challenges, skill delays, or behavior challenges. They develop activities, model strategies and document student progress for the Therapist, while working collaboratively with the school team.

Therapeutic Assistants are a new role within the district that support Multi-Disciplinary Teams and classroom staff. Schools may have Therapeutic Assistants in Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, or Behavioural Therapy as part of their school team.

Educational Assistants

Educational Assistants assist a teacher in the implementation and delivery of instructional plans and developmental strategies for students. EA’s provide a range of assistance to address specific student needs including personal and physical care. Educational Assistants work with a whole class, small groups, or with individual students.

Working as a team, teachers and educational assistants promote independence, facilitate peer relationships and maximize student opportunities to learn and grow.