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Mental Health

Mental Health Parent Evening Series

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Mental Health Monthly

Here you will find information on a variety of topics concerning your child's mental health.  

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Mental Health Transition Team

The Mental Health Transition Team is a specialized intensive short term service for students with complex school based mental health issues. The team works to support students who are transitioning back to school after tertiary level mental health care. Work is also done proactively in some complex cases to support a student who has not yet been to tertiary level care. Sometimes, when the Mental Health Transition Team becomes involved tertiary level care is no longer required. Services include:

  • Individual therapy in the school setting.
  • Critical analysis and coordination of overall services and care of the child.
  • Evaluation and collaboration to provide interventions specific to the child’s mental health issue and the needs / structure of the school setting.
  • Support to families regarding mental health issues (providing information & recommendations, attending appointments and liaison with psychiatrist and other service providers.
  • Liaison with other community resources and assist with transition to / from hospital and other tertiary services.
  • Collaboratively work with teachers to provide support (provide resources, strategies and information) to best meet the needs of the child.​
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School Community Mental Health Nurses:

Access to the School Community Mental Health Nurse is possible when a student has a mental health diagnosis and is under the care of a psychiatrist. Students that are supported by the School Community Mental Health Nurses have a mental health condition that has a severe impact on learning, social interactions or both within the school environment.

The School Community Mental Health Nurses provide the following supports:

  • Consultation with school staff
  • Support to parents
  • Liaison between school, parents and psychiatrist
  • Medication management
  • Attend psychiatric appointments with families when appropriate
  • Report observations from school environment to psychiatrist.​​​​

​​​Canadian Physical Literacy Statement 

Suicide Awareness

AHS Suicide Information