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Personalized Self-Directed Learning

Personalized Self-Directed Learning is an alternative learning approach that provides an opportunity to students and parents that is better suited to the changing nature of students, curriculum and society.  St. Joseph High School is the only high school in Edmonton that offers the PSDL model and is the only PSDL International Baccalaureate Programme in the world. 

The PSDL model is a way of learning for students which enables them to ‘take charge’ of their education in a partnership role with their parents and teachers.  As a result, the students learn to become more independent, responsible and goal-oriented in their studies and personal lives.  To be successful in the PSDL model, students need to demonstrate proficiencies in the following areas: strong reading skills; strong organizational skills; strong communication skills; goal-setting skills. 

The Personalized Self-Directed Learning Program is solidly based on the following pillars:
  1. Personalized Scheduling
  2. Teacher Advisors
  3. Supported Independent Study
  4. Continuous Progress
  5. Regular Review of Student Progress

Please Contact St. Joseph High School for information on the PSDL program and for registration.