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Edmonton Catholic Schools

The Practise of Imagination


As we explore creativity, originality is rare . . . innovation on an idea is more possible but essentially ideas are everywhere, and it is the gift of connecting ideas together and playing with these connections and new possibilities that draw out the best in children.  This imagination needs to be practiced or it cannot grow to its full potential.  To do this children need to play with a variety of mediums, get messy, and have fun.  Practising imagination includes inquiry, risk taking, synthesizing of ideas and collaborating often with others.  Practising imagination is engaging all the senses in a variety of contexts.

The One Million Giraffes Project is a provocation.  The materials are not familiar to what would commonly be used for a giraffe.  The materials encourage the child to deconstruct from conformed thinking and reconstruct using their creative voice.  An inquiry process that incorporates collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking is also explored.

The cost of the book is $25/book + shipping and handling.

For a copy of our The Practise of Imagination book, please email or call 780.638.6810.

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