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Edmonton Catholic Schools

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PowerSchool Parent Portal

PowerSchool is Edmonton Catholic Schools' Student Record System. PowerSchool is a web-based home-to-school collaboration system linking parents, students and schools with real-time information via the internet.

Elementary parents have the ability to pay school fees online, view report cards, attendance and the school bulletin.

Junior High and High School parents have the ability to view latest grades, teacher comments, homework assignments, attendance, school bulletin as well as pay school fees online.

My Child's Learning Tool


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Inspiring Education - A Dialogue with Albertans

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Internet Safety Cheat Sheet For Digital Media Use In Schools​

Digital media use is exploding in education.

Unfortunately, internet safety is something many teachers–and worse, students-take for granted. While many teachers–and librarians–are concerned with breaking copyright laws, controlling digital media use is often an afterthought.

Or worse, so heavily scrutinized that district filters kill any authentic access at all.

But as our libraries gradually become virtual spaces, and our media becomes digital, controlling digital media use is going to become increasingly relevant.

Which makes Jen Gordon’s–from the aptly-named–inforgraphic below on netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Google, and Apple hardware so relevant for you.

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Sport Central 

Sport Central was formed in 1991 by a group of community-minded individuals who wanted to see children in need have access to necessary sport equipment and have the opportunity to participate in the sport of their choice. Our primary objective is to gather, recycle and redistribute equipment to those kids who cannot afford the opportunity to play. Children received equipment for no cost. So far, Sport Central has helped over 125,000 children in need access sports equipment. ​

For information on referring a child in need, visit our website at www.sportcentra​ ​

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