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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Guide to Education

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The education of our students is fundamental to shaping a preferred provincial, national and global future. It is also essential in maintaining Alberta’s standard of living and ensuring our global competitiveness. Our education system must simultaneously prepare the citizens of tomorrow while equipping our students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in a rapidly changing economy and society. 

Alberta Education’s business plan describes directions that will help our young people get the education they need. The outcomes, key strategies and performance measures in the plan reflect Alberta Education’s leadership role in developing programs for students, setting standards for education, communicating these expectations to our stakeholders and supporting improvements to meet student needs. 

Schools have the responsibility to provide instructional programs that ensure students will meet the provincial high school completion requirements and are prepared for entry into the workplace or post-secondary studies. As well, schools are to ensure that students understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and have the skills and attitudes to pursue learning throughout their lives. 

The Guide is developed by Alberta Education for the use of administrators, counsellors, teachers and other parties engaged in the delivery of quality basic education. It is consistent with the objectives and underlying principles of the School Act and contains key requirements and other information for the implementation of education programming and the operation of schools. 

Purposes of the Guide

The Guide serves the following purposes: 

  • to support Alberta Education’s objective of providing consistent direction while encouraging flexibility and discretion at the local level
  • to provide information about ECS to Grade 12 programs, education delivery and achievement standards for students enrolled in Alberta schools
  • to communicate information useful in organizing and operating Alberta schools to meet the needs of children/students
  • to serve as the key policy repository for the ministry. 

In school, students should be encouraged to challenge themselves at new levels and in new experiences, as well as to prepare themselves for future choices in their lives and in their communities. The Program Foundations section of the Guide describes Kindergarten to Grade 12 education in Alberta and outlines the learning outcomes for students and schools. A focus on students is integral to all school programming and reflects the emphasis of the School Act.