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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Privacy Policy

Edmonton Catholic Schools is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the FOIP Act). We respect your privacy and are committed to protect the personal information you share with us.

Generally, you can browse through our website without giving us any information about yourself. If you request access to online services, or if you provide us with your personal information in an e-mail, this Privacy and Security Statement describes how and when we collect your personal information and how we use it.


Information Collected and Stored Automatically

When you visit the Edmonton Catholic School District (ECSD) website, our web server automatically collects standard information essential to the operation, security, and evaluation of the website. This information includes the IP address from which you access the ECSD website (an IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the web), type of browser and version used, date and time, pages you visit, and if you linked to the ECSD website from another website the address of that site is collected.

The information is used to help us to assess our services in order to efficiently provide you with the information you require and is collected in compliance with the FOIP Act.



A cookie is a small piece of text information that is sent to your device when you access a website. Your browser will return this cookie information to the domain where the cookie originated. Cookies may be created when you visit our site. The session cookie we incorporate allows us to determine common paths used by our viewers. This information allows us to streamline navigation to the most requested pages during future upgrades.

If you are concerned about the use of cookies, you can refer to the help information in your browser software for information on how to disable cookies. If you wish to delete cookies from your machine, consult your browser’s help files for instructions on how to do so.



For site security purposes and to ensure that web services remain available to all users, the District’s computer system uses software programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage to the service we provide. No attempt is made to identify an individual user or their usage patterns except for law enforcement investigations.


Links to Other Websites

This website contains links to other sites. Edmonton Catholic Schools is not responsible for the content or the privacy practices of other websites. You are encouraged to examine each site’s privacy policy and disclaimers and make your own decisions regarding the accuracy, reliability, and correctness of material and information found.


E-mail comments, questions, or responses

When you send us an e-mail, we receive your exact e-mail address and any information you have included in the e-mail. We may forward your e-mail to the appropriate department/school within our District, in order to answer your questions or address your comments.

We use your e-mail address to acknowledge your comments or reply to your questions and we will store your message and our reply in case we correspond further.


Using our online services

When you register for one of our online services; for example, applying for access to PowerSchool or registering on-line with the School of Alternative Education, we compile a profile for you for that service.

Your profile may include your user name, e-mail address, identification numbers, and other information, relevant to the service. Each time you use our online services, we collect your user name, information about the transactions that you complete, and any links you visit while using the service. We use your profile in responding to your inquiries on the service. We use the transaction information to assess and improve the service.


Credit card transactions 

Credit card transactions are provided by Moneris Solutions Corporation. They offer a secure and encrypted payment service. For more information, please contact Moneris. Their privacy statement is located here:


Online questionnaires

Edmonton Catholic Schools invites stakeholders to comment through questionnaires for the purposes of program evaluation, program planning, and/or to obtain public input. Participation in questionnaires is done on a voluntary basis, and in most cases, no personal information is required when parents complete online questionnaires.


Collecting and using personal information

When we collect information from you, we explain how we intend to use it. We limit the information we collect and use it only for the purpose for which we collected it. We obtain your consent if we wish to use your information for any other purpose. Any personal information collected for the creation of an online user account is for the customization of your account and is collected under the authority of the FOIP Act, section 33(c).


How we protect your information

Personal information is managed and protected according to the FOIP Act, and we will retain your information only as long as it is required for those purposes that it was originally collected.​

We have thorough security standards to protect our systems and your information against unauthorized access and use. We audit our procedures and security measures regularly to ensure they are being properly administered and that they remain effective and appropriate.

Who can answer your questions about privacy?

To discuss any privacy concerns that are not addressed in our privacy and security statement, simply contact Edmonton Catholic Schools FOIP Coordinator at

The Government of Alberta is also an excellent resource for information about the FOIP Act: