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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Youth Leadership Summit

This year we are excited to provide a much different learning experience.  We have focused the Summit so that students will walk away with more of a personalized learning experience by creating a Leaders Journey that revolves around Vision, Values, Mission, Purpose, Overcoming Barriers, Working with Strengths.  

We have taken this Summit on World Tour over the last year and it has been very well received!   By our ECSD students attending they are part of a growing group of global young leaders and we are proud to boast throughout the world that this was born in Edmonton! 

Some of our speakers for the 2018 Summit include: 

Stephen Robinson is the star of the Youtube channel “52skillz” and TV show “How to Learn Anything”.  He has become a master of learning new skills in the most effective and enjoyable way possible, and will share his approach to love learning again.

Maya Enista Smith is Executive Director of Lady Gaga’s, Born This Way Foundation and works towards building a kinder, braver world.  BTW Foundation strives to provide young people with improved mental health resources, more positive school climates, and kinder communities – online and offline.

Jer Swigart is a social innovator, an organizer, a professor, and the cofounder of the peacemaking training organization, The Global Immersion Project. As a modern-day peacemaker, Jer has found himself working for restoration in beautifully bizarre corners of our world and will share amazing stories and lessons with us. 

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