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Edmonton Catholic Schools

World Teachers' Day - October 5th

I touch the future. I teach.

~ Christa McAuliffe, first teacher in space, Space Shuttle Challenger~

Every child in this world has a right to an education.  The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, recognizes that qualified teachers are at the centre of fulfilling this right for the children of this world.  October 5, 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the UNESCO Recommendations Concerning the Status of Teachers.  The theme for this year is Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status. This year is also one which is highlights the new Global Education 2030 Agenda which was adopted by the international community last year.  This Agenda acknowledges that education is essential in the bid to wipe out poverty.  Visit the UNESCO World Teachers' Day website to learn more about the global event.

This day is a great opportunity for us to pause and to be thankful that we have high quality, publicly funded education in Canada.  It is also an opportunity for us to be grateful for the exceptional teachers that we have in Edmonton Catholic Schools!

A Prayer for Teachers

God of Love, thank you for every teacher who notices a child's special gift. Thank you for teachers who are listeners and gentle guides. Thank you for teachers who expect much and love enough to demand more. Thank you for the special teacher each one of us remembers.
God of Mercy, sustain teachers who give everything they have and of whom society expects so much. Strengthen teachers who assume responsibility for so many circumstances beyond their control.
Refresh their spirits
God of Strength, encourage teachers to care and inspire them to nourish their students. Motivate teachers to keep on learning for the fun of it and to make learning fun for children.
God of Justice, help our world find a way to steward our vast wealth to support teachers in their special calling, wherever they teach and whatever the race or religion or gender or wealth of the children.
We pray these things in the name of our great teacher, Jesus Christ. Amen.

History ​

World Teachers' Day is celebrated on October 5 of each year and was instituted in 1994 by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. 

The intent of the day is to draw attention to the issues surrounding teachers and to highlight the importance of this vital role to society.  One of the most compelling reasons for this move was to help foster a culture of respect towards the men and women who commit their lives to the formation of students to become healthy, productive members of a global society.   

You can learn more about this international celebration at