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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Substitute Teachers' Appreciation Week - March 11-15th


May I live this day compassionate of heart, clear in word, gracious in awareness, courageous in thought, generous in love. (excerpt from Matins, John O’Donohue)

Substitute teachers live out a very special vocation.  It is through their loving ministry that teachers and parents are given the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their children are being well cared for and are engaged in learning at all times.  They have committed themselves to building trusting relationships with students and staff in very short periods of time.  The work of a substitute teacher is integral to the education of our youth and to the operation of our schools.  They help sustain us.

The week of March 11-15 marks Substitute Appreciation Week.  It is an excellent opportunity for all of us to purposefully make the time to reach out and extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to those very special people who begin each day with compassion, clarity, grace, courage, and generosity.

Thank you for your dedication and support of our students and teachers!  You make an immeasurable contribution to the strength of our Catholic school communities.

Thank you and enjoy your special week, March 11 - 15, 2019