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Edmonton Catholic Schools

The Purpose of the Student Voice


The Board of Edmonton Catholic Schools has a long history of providing for student voice. This commitment has been evident in actions such as administration and analysis of surveys (e.g. Tell Them From Me, renamed Our School), analysis of Accountability Pillar student responses, and Board-District wide Student Council meetings. In order to further formalize provision for student voice, the Board has implemented the concept of a Student Voice. The Student Voice is an avenue for student voice to be provided by student representatives from each high school.

The primary purpose of providing such student voice is the promotion and advancement of Catholic education in Edmonton Catholic Schools. The Senate shall assist the Board by providing a student perspective to improving the quality of education in the District within the framework of the Board’s Strategic Plan and the District Plan for Continuous GrowthAll communication of the Student Voice shall align with our Catholic faith. All communication of the student Voice must be non-partisan. Electronic communications of the Student Voice will be carried out using ECSD email accounts and not personal accounts. It is critical that the student voice provided is representative of all Edmonton Catholic Schools high school students. The Student Voice shall endeavor to create opportunities for inter-school collaboration in their area of the city.