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Edmonton Catholic Schools

How the Senate Operates

Administration and District High Schools will provide the structure and support necessary for the

Student Senate to ensure that it is a mechanism for meaningful student engagement.


1. The role of the District Administrator/Facilitator:
1.1 A District Administrator shall be assigned to moderate, supervise, and support the work of the Senate;
1.2 The Facilitator will be responsible for the following activities:
1.2.1. Assume the responsibilities of supervision of the members of the Senate and that the students and the Senate as a body are conducting themselves within the framework of Edmonton Catholic Schools’ Administrative Procedures;
1.2.2. Create a field trip form for meetings of the Senate and ensure that all Senators have completed and returned this form;
1.2.3. Liaise with the Board Office and the Office of the Superintendent to set the meeting schedule;
1.2.4. Arrange for the training of the Senate;
1.2.5. Act as “parliamentarian” for the Senate;
1.2.6. Ensure that the Senate develops, follows and updates a Policies and Procedures Manual;
1.2.7. Guide the Executive of the Senate in the setting of agendas and other business;
In the absence of an Executive, the Facilitator will assume these duties. (to be removed at the end of the 2017-18 school year)
1.2.8. Ensure that the activities of the Senate remain within the parameters of the Board’s Strategic Plan and the District Plan for Continuous Growth; and, 
1.2.9. Assist the Senate in planning and implementing an annual Student Symposium.

The role of the High School Administration:
2.1 Because the Student Senate represents the authentic student voice from the high schools of Edmonton Catholic Schools, it is important that the Senators be determined by the students.
2.1.1. Each high school must have one grade 11 (junior) representative and one grade 12 (senior) representative.
2.1.2. High schools will determine their own process for the election of Senators. They may designate members of the student leadership team who have been elected, or they may elect students specifically to the office of Student Senate. The Principal shall ensure that Senators meet these criteria and submit the names of the school senators to the Superintendent by May 31 for the upcoming school year.
2.2 In situations where a junior Senator’s attendance has not been acceptable, as determined by the Student Senate, the Chairperson of the Student Senate may recommend, in writing, to the principal of that Senator’s school by April 30 of that year. The decision to remove a Senator from their seat ultimately rests with the High School Administration.

3. The role of Senator:
3.1 Attend monthly after-school meetings September to June;
3.2 Engage in orientation and training sessions;
3.3 Ensure their views expressed are reflective of the student population in their respective schools;
3.4 Report back to their high school in regard to representations made to the Student Senate;
3.5 Assist in the planning and implementation of the annual Edmonton Catholic Schools Student Sposium;
3.6 Contribute to the development of community amongst District high schools; and,
3.7 Attend public meetings of the Board whenever possible.