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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Board Policy Handbook

Policy 01Foundation Statements
Policy 02Role of the Board
Policy 02 - Appendix AFacilitated Board Self Evaluation Process
Policy 02 - Appendix BPerformance Review: Board Assignments of Special Responsibility
Policy 02 - Appendix CRelevant Cannon Law Concepts and References
Policy 03Role of the Trustee
Policy 03 - Appendix AProvision of Office Equipment
Policy 04Trustee Code of Conduct
Policy 04 - Appendix ATrustee Code of Conduct and Sanctions
Policy 05Role of the Board Chair
Policy 06Role of the Vice-Chair
Policy 07Board Operations
Policy 07 - Appendix AWard Map
Policy 07 - Appendix BWard Boundary Description
Policy 07 - Appendix CBylaw
Policy 07 - Appendix DMinisterial Order
Policy 07 - Appendix EBylaw No. 1 2013
Policy 07 - Appendix FTrustee Development Request Form
Policy 07 - Appendix GTrustee Development Post Activity Reports
Policy 07 - Appendix HTrustee Remuneration and Expenses
Policy 07 - Appendix IAvailable Trustee Honoraria and Benefits
Policy 08Board Committees
Policy 09Board Representatives
Policy 10Policy Making
Policy 11Board Delegation of Authority
Policy 12Role of the Superintendent
Policy 12 - Appendix ASuperintendent Evaluation Process, Criteria and Timelines
Policy 12 - Appendix BSuperintendent Performance Assessment Guide
Policy 12 - Appendix CInterview Guide Superintendent Leadership Practices
Policy 13Hearings on Teacher Transfers by Superintendent
Policy 14School and Program Closure
Policy 15Recruitment and Selection of Personnel
Policy 16Student Transportation Services
Policy 17Basic and Supplemental Education Costs
Policy 18Commitment to Inclusive Communities in Edmonton Catholic Schools
Policy 19Indigenous Voice
Policy 20Student Voice