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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Role of a Trustee

What makes us distinct is that Edmonton Catholic Schools provides a faith-based education for our students.  The Board is the voice of Edmonton's Catholic school supporters and advocates to the provincial government for the preservation of publicly funded Catholic education.


Trustees have a public responsibility to ensure their school jurisdiction meets the educational and financial guidelines issued by the government in compliance with legislation (School Act) and in keeping with the teachings of the Catholic Church. As people entrusted with the care and education of children, they are responsible to parents and the community-at-large. 
The Board Corporate is responsible for:

  • Hiring the Superintendent
  • Approving the Capital Plan
  • Receiving the Annual Audited Financial Statements
  • Approving the Three-Year Strategic Plan

They are goal setters, policy makers, communicators, advocators, and role models.


Trustees provide corporate leadership. They establish a mission and vision statement. The Chief Education Officer and the Chief Operations Officer (Superintendent) is held accountable by the Board to achieve the District goals, and is evaluated yearly based on results realized.


Trustees develop governance policies that guide the District in achieving high results. 


It is important for a trustee to interact with stakeholders.  This includes the government, the Archdiocese, parents, and the broader Catholic community in Edmonton.


The role of a trustee for Edmonton Catholic Schools is to advocate the government for publicly funded Catholic education. This includes adequate funding to provide students with strong educational programs and appropriate infrastructure.


It is very important for a Catholic trustee to be a role model and to maintain a positive image locally, provincially and nationally.