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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Ward 76

Trustee Marilyn Bergstra

P: 780-964-9798
F: 780-423-6739

Marilyn is currently serving her third term representing Ward 76.  Marilyn was first elected as a trustee for Edmonton Catholic Schools in October 2007, was re-elected in 2010 and again in 2013. Marilyn served as the Board Chair in 2015—2016.   As a third term trustee, Marilyn brings with her a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the issues in education today.

Professional History
Marilyn grew up in Edmonton and St. Albert.  After graduating from St. Albert Catholic High School Marilyn went on to obtain her post-secondary degree in Science and her Certification in Education at the University of Alberta. Marilyn has a Certificate in Financial Literacy from the Business Department from Rotman University (University of Toronto). 

Marilyn is currently working on her Master's Degree in Public Health through the University of Waterloo. She has worked in Medical Research specializing in Diabetes and has held teaching positions in Loudon County, VA and at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) where she was nominated for a teaching excellence award.  Prior to being elected as a trustee for Edmonton Catholic Schools Marilyn owned and operated a small business.

As a Trustee
Marilyn has served as the Board Chair in 2015-2016.
Committees of the Board
In her role as trustee, Marilyn has served the Board on a variety of Committees of the Board, and the Committee of the Whole including the Board Governance and Priorities Committee, and the Audit and Finance Committee.

Internal Committees
Other internal committees Marilyn has served include the Board Policy Committee, the Board Advocacy Committee, and the Board Public Engagement Committee.  Marilyn has served as a trustee representative on the District's Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) negotiations team.

External Committees, Organizations

  • Marilyn has served as the Board's representative on the Alberta School Boards Association's (ASBA) Board of Directors for the past three years and previous to that from 2007 – 2010.  She has also served as the Board's representative on the ASBA Zone 2/3 Board
  • Marilyn has served on numerous committees with the City of Edmonton and the Provincial Government
  • Marilyn is passionate about health and wellness and in her role as trustee served the Capital Region's Children's Services Linkages Committee for several years
  • Related to this, Marilyn volunteered for the Regional Comprehensive Student Health Advisory Committee, the Local Comprehensive Student Health Council, the City of Edmonton's City of Learners Early Learning sub-committee on  Health, and a Wellness sub-committee 
  • Marilyn also served as one of two trustee representatives on the City's Elevate committee and is currently on Edmonton Community Sustainability Coalition (ELEVATE)
Volunteer Interests
Over the years Marilyn has participated in a wide range of volunteer activities including tutoring, Eucharistic Ministry at St. Thomas More Church, motivational speaking and in government policy development.

Trustee's Vision/Goal as Trustee/Statement on Catholic Education
One area of keen interest for Marilyn is student comprehensive health.  Marilyn is working to build capacity and to change societal attitudes as they relate to nutritional, mental, and physical health.  Marilyn is currently working to advance her own understanding in health through her Master's program.  Her proudest moment was realized through the passing of her motions relating to two key K-12 curriculums. Respectively, curriculum to support children/youth in reporting sexual abuse and for a comprehensive curriculum to promote Mental Health and Well-being for all students. Marilyn has actively promoted health across the District calling for such things as, strategies to increase awareness with respect to fentanyl and the importance of vaccinations. All this in keeping with her goals to keep students healthy and safe.

Marilyn also brings strong governance practices to the board and has been instrumental in the development of policy such as: the call for an external member to sit on the Boards Audit and Finance committee, meaningful whistle blower policy, a student advisory council and fair and equitable hiring practices for young graduates.

Contact Information
Telephone:  780-964-9798

Schools in Ward

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  • St. Boniface
  • Louis St. Laurent                                              
  • St. Martin
  • Monsignor Fee Otterson                                  
  • St. Mary
  • Monsignor William Irwin                                 
  • St. Monica
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