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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Ward 71

Trustee Patricia Grell

P: 587-879-5612
F: 780-423-6739

 Content Editor

Patricia Grell was elected as a trustee in October 2013 and is currently serving as the Chair of the Board's Audit Committee.

Professional History
Patricia has a Bachelor of Science from St. Michael's College, University of Toronto and a Master of Divinity, St. Michael's College Faculty of Theology, Toronto School of Theology.

Patricia's professional background includes the following:
  • House Assistant, L'Arche Communities, Richmond Hill, Ont. (Jean Vanier Homes)
  • Pastoral Associate with Nativity of Our Lord Parish, Timmins, Ont.
  • Retreat and Program Director, Providence Renewal Centre, Edmonton, AB
  • Educational Assistant, Devon Public Schools
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Cabinet Shop
  • Caseworker, MLA Constituency Office, Edmonton, AB

Patricia is a recipient of the two distinguished awards:
  • University of Alberta's Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research Community Action for Safety Award, and
  • City of Edmonton's Office of Traffic Safety Community Traffic Safety Award

As a Trustee

Patricia is currently the Chair of the Board's Audit and Finance Committee.

Committees of the Board
As a member of the Committee of the Whole, Patricia serves the Governance and Priorities Committee, the Audit and Finance Committee, and the District-Wide Student Advisory Council. 

Internal Committees

Other Internal Committees Patricia has served on, or is currently serving, include the Board's Policies and Bylaws Committee, LGBTQ ad-hoc Policy Committee, the Advocacy Committee and the District's Alberta Union of Public Employees Interpretations Committee.

External Committees
External committees that Patricia has served include the Archdiocesan Mission Council and the City of Edmonton's End Poverty Education Working Group.

Volunteer Interests
  • Volunteer, Devon Public Schools
  • Santa Maria Goretti Parish Children's Liturgy Teacher and Coordinator, Devon, AB
  • Joy School Coordinator and Teacher (pre-school homeschooling co-op), Devon, AB
  • St. Pius X Parish Children's Liturgy Teacher and Coordinator, Edmonton, AB
  • Editor of the Woodcroft Community League Newsletter
  • President of the Woodcroft Community League, Edmonton, AB
  • Chair of the Woodcroft Community League Transportation Committee
  • Member at Large for local constituency association
  • SAGE Snow Busters Coordinator, Community of Woodcroft
  • St. Joseph's College Syrian Refugee Settlement Committee
  • Volunteer, Marian Centre
Patricia's Vision/Goal
In his book Education for Choosing Life:  Proposals for Difficult Times, Pope Francis states that "an essential mission of every Christian educator is to commit entirely to inclusion, to work for inclusion…our schools must govern themselves according to a well-defined standard: fraternal solidarity...teachers, directors, pastors, fathers, mothers, students, all of us can be signs of a different world where each is recognized, accepted, included, dignified, and not only for (their) utility but for (their) intrinsic value as a human being, son or daughter of God" (pp. 26-27).  

"I see my role as a school trustee to realize Pope Francis' vision for our schools.  I work hard to make our schools places where all students can feel at home "in their own skin"—regardless of socio economic background, PAT results, gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, race etc. My hope is that in providing a school environment where students can experience acceptance due to their intrinsic value as human beings, they will become "signs of a different world."  

Contact Information

Cell:  587-879-5612

Schools in Ward 71:

Archbishop MacDonald
Holy Cross
Katherine Therrien
Our Lady of Peace
Sir John Thompson
St. Angela

St.  Basil/Jean Forest JH
St. Edmund
St. Lucy
St. Mark
St. Pius X
St. Timothy


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