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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Remuneration and Expenses

Department Head Remuneration and Expenses

The School Act allows a Board to provide for payment of traveling and other expenses and honoraria to Trustees.

Furthermore, the Income Tax Act permits Boards to pay Trustees a non-accountable allowance that will not be required to be included in a Trustee’s income provided it does not exceed one-half of the honoraria paid to the Trustee.

Boards are also permitted to reimburse Trustees for specific expenses incurred to complete responsibilities other than those required of all Trustees.  Such reimbursements are not taxable.

The Organizational Bylaw, section 2.2, requires annual reporting of Trustee remuneration.

The policy on Trustee remuneration will be reviewed on an annual basis in November of each year by the Policy Development and Review Committee.

The Edmonton Catholic Separate School District No. 7 provides a program of remuneration to Trustees consisting of the following parts:

  • Basic Honorarium for services provided in the fulfillment of responsibilities required of all Trustees—one-third of this honorarium is non-accountable (non-taxable).  The Trustees’ basic honorarium is $40,000.  The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Chair of the Planning Committee receive additional honoraria.  Basic honoraria will be increased annually according to the Alberta Average Weekly Earning (AAWE) index, effective September 1st of each year.
  • Attendance honorarium for attendance at specific events—one-third of this honorarium is non-accountable (non-taxable)
  • Allowance for various professional development activities
  • Allowance upon end of service
  • Trustees are given the option of participating in a group benefit package
  • Miscellaneous expense reimbursement

Note: For information on specific schedules, please contact the Board Office at 780-441-6002.


Framework for the Public Disclosure of Trustee Expenses related to Board Governance

The criteria for the Public Disclosure of Trustee Expenses related to Board governance activities is intended to ensure fair and reasonable practices, accountability and transparency, and to ensure that individuals are properly reimbursed for expenses incurred while on Board business. This criteria mirrors prudent business practice in the public sector and is in compliance with Alberta Government requirements.

Expenses incurred are in alignment with the Board Governance Policy on Trustee Remuneration and Expenses and related Board Practices. Expense claims are reported and monitored according to allocations that are approved in the Annual District Budget.