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Edmonton Catholic Schools
May 30
Blog May 30, 2019

World Catholic Education Day, Vocations, and Jesus’ Schools

As we celebrate World Catholic Education Day, I cannot help but pause and think how lucky I am that I get to live out my vocation serving, as our District Chaplain Father Glenn McDonald calls them, Jesus’ schools.  Certainly we will all stop and reflect upon the gift to our children of being able to go to school and learn in an environment where Jesus and His message are at the centre of all that they do, but for all of us who work in Catholic education it is much deeper than that.

Many, many people in society commit their work to the service of Christ, but they do not have the same grace that we do in Catholic schools of being able to work overtly and explicitly in His name.  We not only get to talk about God’s love for us and the significance of the gift of Jesus as a natural part of our work, we are actually unable to truly fulfill our mandate unless we become an encounter with Jesus for others on a daily basis.

So, on World Catholic Education Day, let us be grateful that our children get to learn in Jesus’ schools, and let us be especially grateful that we get to live out our vocations in Jesus’ name by bearing witness to His love every day!


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