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Edmonton Catholic Schools
November 20
Blog - November 20th, 2018

The Beauty of the Liturgical Year

As November draws to a close, so does our liturgical year.  This special time draws my thoughts to the beauty of our liturgical year and the deep meaning behind our liturgical calendar.
Much like the yearly calendar, we have seasons for celebration, and each of them has its own special character and tone.  Advent is our beginning where we wait patiently for our Messiah.  Christmas is filled with the joy and wonder of Christ’s birth.  There is comfort and rhythm to be found in Ordinary Time.  Lent and the Triduum are solemn and deeply reflective; and, of course, the Easter season is one of triumph and joy! 

There is also such majesty in the language.  Our days are marked by Feasts, Solemnities, and Memorials.  The days bring a time to honor and learn about Saints and significant events like the Epiphany, the Baptism of the Lord, the Annunciation, Pentecost, the Assumption of Mary, and so much more.  We find such rich theology to explore as we celebrate the Holy Family, the Immaculate Conception, the Passion of Christ, Corpus Christi, Christ the King, and Mary, Mother of God.

And, of course, there is the special significance of color in our liturgical calendar: white and gold for purity and joy, red for sacrifice and charity, green for hope and life, violet for expectation and penance, rose for anticipatory joy, and black for mourning and sorrow.

The rhythm of the liturgical year adds so much to the learning and to ethos of our schools and District.  Whether through the color of the cloths on our classroom prayer tables or through the celebration of our namesake feast days, our students, staff, and families see and experience symbols of our faith everywhere, and that is glorious!


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