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Edmonton Catholic Schools
October 31
The Changing Face of Education - October 31st
​This is an exciting week for Edmonton Catholic Schools as we all prepare to celebrate our 130th Anniversary Liturgy of the Word in our schools and sites.  It presents us with such an excellent opportunity to think about how much our District has grown and changed over the years, but it also presents us with an excellent opportunity to reflect upon how much education has changed.

We have moved from small schoolhouses to virtual classrooms, from slates to digital tablets, and from reading, writing, and arithmetic to a vast array of subjects for study.  Teaching and learning are now all about innovation, inquiry, and unlocking every aspect of a student’s potential as a child of God.

We were so fortunate to have 3 Sisters of the Faithful Companions of Jesus as our founders, but as our District has grown and religious orders have used their members in so many other vital roles, we have also been blessed to have so many lay Catholics embrace their vocation to help our students come to know and love Jesus. 

I could really write for hours on all of the ways that education has changed in the past 130 years, but there is one point that I think is of greatest importance. Through God’s grace and the passion, commitment, and perseverance of our staff and families, one thing has remained constant in the 130 years of Edmonton Catholic Schools – Catholic education is publicly funded in the Province of Alberta.  Let us use every opportunity to share the great news of our work so that this gift remains for generations to come!


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