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Edmonton Catholic Schools
June 25
June 25, 2018

Hockey Helps Kids:  We are absolutely delighted that Sister Annata Brockman School was successful in their bid to be one of the four Edmonton schools chosen to participate in the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation’s Hockey Helps Kids!  Each year, the winning school receives $25,000 for their chosen charity and each of the runner-up teams receive a participation award of $10,000 for their charity.  The school will announce their charity of choice in the fall.  They will also find out which Oiler will be their team captain.  We will share all the details as soon as we know so that you can support their efforts with your votes!

One World…One Centre assists newly arrived families to Canada to register over the summer:  Although our schools are closed over the summer, our One World…One Centre remains open to serve newly arrived families to Canada who would like to register their students with Edmonton Catholic Schools for the fall.  It is so important for families to have access to this incredible support as they establish roots in this wonderful city!  Families can phone 780 944-2001 for more information and to book an appointment.

Year-Round Schools Calendar:  Our year-round schools, St. Catherine, St. Teresa of Calcutta, and St. Alphonsus, also begin their summer break on June 29.  Staff in these schools return on August 10, and the first day of class for their students is August 13, 2018.  These schools balance their instructional days into four terms with vacation breaks between each of the terms.  The number of instructional days for students is the same for both the year-round calendar and the traditional calendar.  

A blogging hiatus:  I will be taking a summer break from blogging and will start writing again in late August.  Have a wonderful summer vacation!


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