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Edmonton Catholic Schools
May 7
May 7th, 2018

Catholic Education Week: This week people around the world will be celebrating the gift of Catholic education.  They will be celebrating that our children and youth have the opportunity to learn and grow as they nurture a deeper relationship with our God and explore the majesty of his Creation.

Catholic education week provides us with a special occasion to have conversations about the importance of this gift, to pray and give thanks for it, and to advocate for its significance in our world. I encourage you all to take time this week to reflect upon and share the many special blessings that Catholic education has brought to your own lives and continues to bring to the lives of your students.

On Thursday, May 10 – World Catholic Education Day – I invite you all to wear blue as an outward sign of your celebration and support of Catholic education!

Watch our social media this week for many special stories and representations of the richness and beauty to be found in Catholic education with Edmonton Catholic Schools!

Emergency Alert Test: A message from the Government of Alberta:

Albertans can now receive messages about life-threatening emergencies, such as a tornado, wildfire, flood or Amber Alert, directly to their cellphones. Wireless public alerting is a national system that will send life-saving emergency alert messages directly to compatible smart phones connected to an LTE network within an area affected by a disaster or emergency.

On May 9, 2018 at 1:55 p.m., the wireless public alerting system will send out a test alert across Alberta. During the test, an alert sound will go off on compatible cellphones with a message letting the cellphone user know that the sound is part of a test, and there is no need for concern. If the cellphone is switched off or on silent mode, there will be no sound, but a banner will be displayed, and the phone may vibrate even if the phone is in silent mode. To hear what sound to expect during the test, visit and click on the box at the bottom of the page that says – "play alert tone."

37th Annual Ben Calf Robe Annual Traditional Pow Wow: This amazing experience of Indigenous culture will take place from 1-10 pm on Saturday, May 12 at the Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre. The Pow Wow will feature a variety of dancers, drummers, artisans and food vendors.  Admission is free, and it is a great family event! Grand Entries will be held at 1 pm and 6 pm.

Grace for the Heart and Soul: One of the most highly anticipated events for the staff of Edmonton Catholic Schools is our annual Grace for the Heart and Soul-Care for Creation Staff Faith Formation Afternoon.  The intent of the afternoon is to provide staff with a broad range of sessions to choose from that allow them to develop their faith in matters that speaks to their heart.  Sessions include areas such as spirituality, service opportunities, theological learning, and interfaith/intercultural experiences.  Staff can access the registration page from the Faith Formation banner on myECSD. We are pleased to report that we have 2,235 registrants in the first week of registration!



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