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Edmonton Catholic Schools
November 14
November 14th, 2019

One of the many beautiful aspects of Catholic education is that we are a community of faith in the Body of Christ.  Membership in our community is enduring.  We see this with our students and staff alike.  It is so delightful when our former students come back to visit.  We get the opportunity to catch up on life and to see the exciting pathways that they have chosen as they grow and flourish.

It is also so wonderful when we connect with our former colleagues. Our work "families" play such an important role in our lives.  We care for each other, support one another, and even challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves just like our home families do.

Edmonton Catholic Schools is so pleased to launch our new Staff Alumni Website to provide a way for our former staff to stay connected to the Division.  You can access it from by using the Staff tab and looking under Staff Website Links, or by clicking here.  Staff alumni can sign up for emails that are relevant to them, register to participate in an oral history interview, and keep up on what's happening in ECSD. 

I encourage you to visit this very special website to see some of the offerings for our alumni, and, of course, please share it with any former colleagues that you keep in touch with!


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