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Edmonton Catholic Schools
October 7
October 7th, 2019

Read-In Week is one of my favorite times of the year. Certainly, we focus on literacy every day of the school year across multiple subjects but Read-In Week is a week when we focus on the love of books and stories as an ongoing part of life. Schools across ECSD will have guests from all walks of life coming into classrooms to share their favorite books with students.

In my youth, I would visit the public library as often as possible and check out the maximum number of books allowed. Our librarian very generously gave me a higher maximum over time because I was there constantly. To this day, I read voraciously for both professional learning and personal enjoyment.

Edmonton Catholic Schools is a proud participant in the Edmonton Public Library-Library Card Program. Every one of our students (and their teachers) can receive an EPL card for free. They can then receive a free card for The Alberta Library, which grants them access to 49 libraries across the province, including the U of A libraries.

Reading opens up new frontiers for the mind, and I wish you all a glorious Read-In Week, and all the weeks that follow, enjoying the magic of books!


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