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Edmonton Catholic Schools
April 29
April 29th, 2019

Caring for Each Other

There are several important events that are taking place at this time of the year that highlight the importance of us taking care of each other in the workplace. April 28 was the National Day of Mourning, a day in which we pause and reflect upon all of those who have lost their lives to workplace injury and illness. Our staff wore Day of Mourning stickers to honor the lives of our fellow workers. Implicit in this commemoration is the message that we need to care for ourselves and for our colleagues in the workplace. I am always reminded of the wisdom that no-one plans an accident, so care and caring is crucial in creating safe and healthy workplaces.

May 1 is the feast day of St. Joseph the Worker. We learn from Joseph that the humble act of carrying out our work in loving ministry to those in our care plays a role in Salvation. Through his tender ministry, he nurtured Jesus and taught him the dignity to be found in his work as a carpenter. This feast is one which reminds us all of the dignity that is to be found in all of our work and which we should honor each other for. I would like to express my gratitude to all of our staff for the ministry of your work, done with great love, to serve our students and families, our colleagues, and Catholic education!

May 1 also marks Hats On! For Mental Health Day. It is an important day for dialogue, not only with our students, but with each other, about recognizing the importance of positive mental health and supporting each other in our journeys. Alberta Education sends the following message to us:

On Wednesday, May 1, 2019, Albertans are invited to take part in Hats On! For Mental Health and wear a hat to raise awareness of the importance of positive mental health. Schools can participate by encouraging students and staff to wear hats and engaging in conversations focused on understanding mental health and the importance of removing the stigma associated with mental illness. You can learn more about Hats On! For Mental Health by visiting, a website sponsored by the Alberta Teachers’ Association and the Canadian Mental Health Association that includes a variety of mental health resources for schools.


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