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Edmonton Catholic Schools
April 2
April 2nd, 2019

Advocating for Catholic Education

You will often hear us talk about the gift of publicly funded Catholic education in Alberta. It is a gift in two specific ways. Firstly, Catholic education is a gift in its richness and attention to human formation. The focus is not just on the mind, but on the spirit and the body and every other dimension of being. Catholic education honors the sacramentality of each child as one of God’s own people.

The second aspect of this gift in Alberta is that it is publicly funded. Since long before Alberta was a province, Catholic education has been supported and funded by the government. This is a right that most other provinces and territories have lost, and that many communities around the world have never had. We can’t be complacent and assume that even though it is a right that is grounded in legislation, that the legislation can’t be changed. We need only look across our country to see that the right to publicly funded Catholic education is not guaranteed in the future.

It is critical that we advocate loudly and joyfully about this special gift. We can do that by sharing the great news of the incredible work that goes on in our schools every day, and we can do it by asking questions of our candidates as the upcoming election approaches. We are suggesting that you ask every candidate in your riding the following questions:

  • What actions will you take to ensure that publicly funded Catholic education continues and is protected in Alberta?
  • What actions will you take to ensure that Catholic school districts in our riding and in the province get the required funding for new schools and for modernizations and maintenance so that our students can have adequate, safe, and healthy learning spaces?
  • What actions will you take to ensure that school districts get proper funding for every student?

Also with respect to advocacy, our District is part of the Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education, GrACE, network. The mission of GrACE is to inspire, invigorate and embolden the spirit of Catholic education in order to unite, engage, educate and communicate with one voice on its behalf. GrACE is a partnership of stakeholders resolutely committed to Catholic education within Alberta. Each Catholic jurisdiction in the province is assembling a highly committed team whose members include Trustees, Superintendents, clergy, parish staff, parents, members of the Catholic Women’s League and Knights of Columbus.

Every day is a celebration of Catholic education. Let us be grateful for our blessings and commit our support to sharing the great work of our schools!


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