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Edmonton Catholic Schools
January 28
January 28th, 2019

Teams, Robots, and Solving Problems

This past weekend saw 6 of our schools competing in the FIRST LEGO League Robotics Edmonton region competition. This event, which is held each January at NAIT is always such fun for our students. They take their knowledge in robotics and use that to compete in various challenges. It is the perfect example of translating learning into real life contexts. Those incredibly valuable skills of teamwork, respect, communication, time management, and problem solving are critical to student success, and, in fact, to adult success as well!

The competition is a wonderful opportunity to increase interest and understanding in STEM and is very popular. This year, approximately 500 students formed over 50 teams; they were supported by over 300 volunteers and 2100 spectators. If you are interested in participating next year or would like more information, please contact John Korassa, who volunteers as the Edmonton Director of FIRST LEGO League or Floriana Bruni-Bossio, who volunteers as the Tournament Registration Co-ordinator. I know that they will be so happy to share their passion for providing this excellent STEM opportunity to students with you.

Congratulations to St. Jerome, Sister Annata Brockman, Monsignor Fee Otterson, and St. Gabriel for winning awards and to all our ECSD teams for your great work this weekend!


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