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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Catholic Education Sunday - Letter from Trustees and Superintendent Car

Celebrating 130 Years of Catholic Education in Edmonton Catholic Schools!

Dear Partners in Catholic Education: 

On November 4, we celebrate Catholic Education Sunday across the Province. We are proud to say that this year marks the 130th anniversary of Edmonton Catholic Schools. Faith-based education in our District and throughout the province is vibrant and dynamic. Our District proudly serves over 43,000 students and their families! 

Our 96 schools represent a remarkable diversity of educational opportunities for students and their families desiring an excellent faith-infused education. Edmonton Catholic Schools is consistently a leader in the Province in areas such as High School Completion rates, academic excellence and choice in educational pathways. 

We are proud to say that we are a united board, each of us working hard within our own Wards toward a common goal of preserving and further developing publicly-funded Catholic education. We are grateful to continue our work with Superintendent Joan Carr who has created a culture of excellence in our schools, each of them embodying a particular expression of God’s infinite love. 

On September 19th, the Alberta and NWT Bishops released their annual letter for Catholic Education Sunday: Rejoice and Be Glad, that emphasized the important role that schools play in nurturing the call to holiness for our children and youth. In the letter, the Bishops affirmed that Catholic schools, along with the family and the parish community, help students know Christ through religious education, prayer, and a safe, caring school community. They highlighted that teachers, students, parents and priests together are witnesses to, and agents of, the Good News proclaimed by Jesus Christ, encouraging students to grow in their faith, to live its principles and to act in ways that make a positive difference in their local and the global communities. To read the complete letter, visit or click here

The Board and Administration of Edmonton Catholic Schools are grateful for the home-school-parish partnership that empowers our students, families, and staff to walk together in God’s love as we help our children and youth to learn and to grow in relationship with Christ. As your locally elected trustees, we continue to advocate for the best outcomes for our students. 

Catholic Education Sunday provides us all with the opportunity to give thanks for the fact that we have publiclyfunded Catholic education in Alberta. Together we need to advocate for the continuation of publicly-funded Catholic education for our children of today and tomorrow. Our voices are important and make a difference! 

Edmonton Catholic Schools Board of Trustees and Superintendent

Letter on Catholic Education Sunday - ECSD Board of Trustees and Superintendent.pdf
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Archbishop Richard Smith's Message on GrACE | @ArchEdmonton

Catholic Education Sunday Letter from the Catholic Bishops of Alberta and Northwest Territories

Catholic Education Sunday is being celebrated across Alberta on November 4th this year. We celebrate Catholic education for the advantage, richness, and success that Catholic education brings to our students and families.