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Here are examples of  student success in and outside the classroom:     

Holy Trinity-Mission Possible

Holy Trinity High School's Mission Possible project provides students with opportunities to support Edmonton communities in a wide variety of ways including:  sorting donations at the Mustard Seed PAC Centre, participating in the River City Clean-up, gift wrapping for the Salvation Army and Santa's Anonymous, attending a Development and Peace seminar, teaching seniors about using computers, and working with Habitat for Humanity.  The goal of Mission Possible is to make Edmonton a better place by encouraging students to give their time and talents to those most in need.

St. Bonaventure- Friend in Need

St. Bonaventure Elementary School's Friend in Need project begins their annual social justice project (funding for the St. Francis of Assisi breakfast program) with a student-centred Faith Development Day in October.  Students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 will participate in a variety of events throughout the day beginning with a key note speaker/performer and then moving to a choice of centres such as bible meditation, drumming, crafts, movement, speakers on social justice issues and Aboriginal learning.  

St. Mark-Voices 4 Change

St. Mark Junior High School's Voices 4 Change project encourages students to have a voice in shaping the directions of government policy, their community and causes necessary to create positive change in the world.  Voices 4 Change projects include social media that promotes inter-district sharing of multi-media projects and resources, a student-led social justice conference and on-going student action projects and activities based on a three year social justice action plan developed by students.

St. Timothy-Faith Friends

St. Timothy Elementary School's Faith Friends project aims to promote resiliency in students who have been identified as needing extra support because they struggle with anxiety and/or have low self-esteem and who would benefit from developing strong connections with supportive staff and fellow students.  Faith Friends involves these students in many research based in-school and service activities such as a Baby Shower for Jesus, creating nutritious snacks, creating vision boards and praying together. 

Austin O'Brien-Every Graduate Matters

Austin O'Brien High School's project Every Graduate Matters will help students who are struggling financially attend graduation.  This student generated project began because the grade 12 class of Austin O'Brien wants to see every graduating student recognized and celebrated for their accomplishments.  The students are hoping that Every Graduate Matters will become an annual fundraising project to ensure that no graduate is unable to attend the ceremonies and celebration due to financial difficulties. 

 Louis St. Laurent-Awareness of the Homeless in Edmonton Film Festival Contest

Encourage students to become engaged with their community through the creation of a short film to promote the awareness of homelessness in Edmonton.   By leveraging technology to create the film using their own equipment and materials, students can bring attention to the issue of homelessness in Edmonton to, not only their fellow students, but the greater community as well.

 Monsignor Fee Otterson-We Belong/Embracing a Culture of Belonging

This project at Monsignor Fee Otterson school will allow students to create a media presentation for their school TV as well as help them to organize and facilitate a student faith development day.  These two projects will help students to focus on the power of positive language and become champions of a safe and caring school.