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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Developing Alberta’s Cross-Curricular Competencies from a Catholic Worldview

Learner Competencies Formed Through Catholic Education

The Ministerial Order on Student Learning (001/2013) establishes a competency based framework which will foster the development of Alberta’s students to become Engaged thinkers and Ethical citizens with an Entrepreneurial Spirit, commonly referred to the 3E’s.  Significant work has been done throughout the province by the Alberta Regional Consortia to highlight the cross-curricular competencies which students will develop over the course of their entire educational program. 

It has long been our position that Catholic education is not an “add on” to the Alberta educational framework; rather, it is a scaffold upon which that education can be built. The two marks that are of particular influence with respect to the 3E’s are Imbued with a Catholic Worldview and Animated by a Faith-Infused Curriculum. A team of consultants, including those from religious education and Fr. Dowle, District Chaplain, was tasked with articulating the Ministerial Order through the lens of these marks.  To complete their work, they also established a set of Learner Competencies Formed through Catholic Education, which is based on work from Ontario, the source of our religious education curriculum and materials.  These Catholic competencies will enable teachers to ensure that the permeation of faith in curriculum is not limited to content.   It will ensure that they have the foundational knowledge to ensure that curriculum is actually approached from a faith base.

The end result of this work is a visual representation entitled “Developing Alberta’s Cross-Curricular Competencies from a Catholic Worldview”.  The features of this visual are deeply meaningful.

  • The central motif is the triquetra, the universal symbol of the Trinity.  You will note that it provides the framework for all of the learning. The cross in the middle of the triquetra indicates the centrality of Jesus Christ to our mission.
  • The Learner Competencies Formed through Catholic Education, which are detailed on the back of the visual, are embedded in the arms of the triquetra as part of the larger life framework that Catholic education provides for students.
  • Numeracy and literacy are placed in a manner that indicates their overarching significance in all curriculum.
  • The cross curricular competencies as identified from the Ministerial Order are found in the main circle to indicate that there is continuity and linkage among them.