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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Annual Reports and Results


District Budget ​

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Accountability Pill​​ar Report & District Satisfaction Survey​​​​ 

Alberta Education provides all school jurisdictions in Alberta with Accountability Pilla​r ​Reports i​n October and May of each year. The October report carries forward results for the measures of High School Completion, Drop Out Rate, Post-Secondary Transition Rate, and Rutherford Scholarship Eligibility Rate form the M​ay Report. All provincial teacher, parent and student survey Studies, work Preparation, Citizenship, Parental Involvement and School Improvement.  Provincial Achievement Test and Diploma results are all update from the previous October report.​

Diploma and Provincial Results​ 

Catholic education embraces the belief that all students can learn and develop their gifts. Edmonton Catholic Schools approaches all measures of student success from within this  philosophical framework. A high value is placed on diploma examinations within the context of a vast array of qualitative, quantitative, and informal measures of student success. These are in place to ensure that students are given the highest quality Catholic education and, in turn, the best opportunities to embrace their God-given gifts, talents, and potential in school and beyond. 

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District Plan for Continuous Growth

In keeping with our Foundation Statement, the students and staff of Edmonton Catholic Schools commit to 21st century learning.  In support of hopeful Christ-centred living, in a society transformed by globalization, technological innovation, and human ingenuity, 21st century learning complements our commitment as a ​Catholic community of learners, leaders and educators.

​Alberta Education District Information Summary

 Jurisdiction Information
 Understanding the School Jurisdiction Information Sheets​

​Capital Pla​n

Edmonton Catholic Schools Three-Year Capital Plan identifies the District’s highest priority school facility requirements for the forthcoming three-year period. For each year of the plan, projects are listed in order of priority. Upon approval by the Board, this plan is submitted to Alberta Education for provincial funding approval.

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Staffing and Enrolment Trends​

Enrolment and Staffing Trends 2016-2017

Enrolment and Staffing Trends 2015-2016
Enrolment and Sta​ffing Trends 2014-20​15
Staffing and Enrolment Trends for 2013/2014​