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Edmonton Catholic Schools

2019-2020 Division Budget

Our District budget guiding principles emphasize our student engagement and faith development:

  • We will allocate our financial resources to allow the District to effectively celebrate and promote Catholic education 
  • Our budget will be balanced ensuring that today’s dollars will be spent to educate today’s students
  • All students will have a full range of learning opportunities which will be supported by the appropriate resources
  • Our funding will support our District Plan for Continuous Growth
  • Our funding will support our 21st Century Learning initiatives
  • Student success will be the direct focus of our budget allocations
  • Student budget allocations will be equitable for all students


Our challenge is to apply our principles in a way that meets the need to:

  • Provide all students with the opportunities to achieve their potential
  • Address programming and assistance for students with special needs in an inclusive setting
  • Provide faith formation opportunities for staff in their role as Catholic educators and service providers
  • Ensure the continuing integrity of the District’s capital infrastructure
  • Provide professional development opportunities for all staff

2019 - 2020 District Budget

Fall 2019 Update to the 2019-2020 Budget.pdf
2019-2020 District Budget
News Release - 2019-2020 Budget Approval - June 17th, 2019.pdf

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