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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Superintendent's Message - May 2020

“Tonight we acquire a fundamental right that can never be taken away from us: the right to hope. It is a new and living hope that comes from God.”

(Pope Francis, Easter Vigil Homily, April 11/20)

Celebrating Catholic Education - By Eugenia Kowalczyk, PhD Principal, Catholic Identity

One of the many gifts of our faith is hope. Over and over again throughout the history of the world, God has shown that he loves us. The ultimate sign of that love is to be found in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. When we witness, through the risen Christ, the power of God’s love over death itself, how can we be anything but hopeful? These continue to be deeply troubling times, so let us always hold fast to that new and living hope from God.

Our plans for remote learning are now well underway. Now, more than ever, the importance of the partnership between home and school is so clear. Our staff has risen to the challenge of ensuring that our students remain connected to their learning in meaningful ways and that their needs are being met as well as possible from afar. Kudos to all of our staff and our parents for the tremendous efforts that are taking place daily to support our students!

There are so many special celebrations and opportunities that we have had to cancel or postpone because of the public health restrictions that are in place at this time. We are as disappointed as each of our families are at these changes. It is a highlight of the year for our staff and a point of pride for our Division to be part of watching our students shine. Just like your families, we eagerly await being able to applaud our students’ gifts, talents, and achievements again.

We will be celebrating Catholic Education Week in the province of Alberta from May 18-22. It is an excellent opportunity for us all to take some time and publicly share the many wonderful experiences and gifts that we have gained from participating in this wonderful endeavor of Christ-centred learning.

Amidst all the disruption, there is still a need for the regular business of the Division to continue. The Board of Trustees will vote on our Capital Plan at their virtual meeting on April 28. You can watch this live broadcast on . The link is in the Board of Trustees’ section. We are also in the final stages of developing our 2020-21 Budget. The Board will vote on that at their May 26 Public meeting.

In the same theme as our opening thought from Pope Francis, we will leave you with his Tweet from April 14: Jesus' resurrection shows us that death does not have the last [word]; life does. Christ has been raised, so it is possible to have a positive outlook on every event of our existence, even the most difficult ones and those charged with anguish and uncertainty.

We wish you all the continued joy to be found in this Easter season, and a very Happy Mother’s Day to all those who fill that special role in our lives!


Robert Martin