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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Superintendent's Message - Lent 2020

 Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has released his message for Lent.  It begins in this way:

This year the Lord grants us, once again, a favourable time to prepare to celebrate with renewed hearts the great mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus, the cornerstone of our personal and communal Christian life. We must continually return to this mystery in mind and heart, for it will continue to grow within us in the measure that we are open to its spiritual power and respond with freedom and generosity.

He shares with us that Lent offers us a new opportunity for conversion as we reflect on the gift of love found in the death and resurrection of Jesus, and calls us to personally participate in building a better world through care for others, especially the most vulnerable.

You can read Pope Francis’ complete message for Lent by clicking here or by visiting the Vatican website at .

May the journey of this Lent refresh and renew your faith and understanding of the great love of our God.