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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Chief Superintendent's Message - June 2020

… Let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works …

(Matthew 5:16)

ECSD Parent Community Letter
Pentecost, Going for the Green and Gold

We began our year of Walking Together in the Light of Christ with this scripture, and it is fitting that we end the year with it as well. We have experienced great adversity this year in many ways, yet we have persevered. Knowing that we are a community that is united in Christ, our constant companion, has sustained us, and so many people have been instruments of Christ’s love for others. The stories of love, compassion, joy, and mercy that we have heard throughout the year have all borne witness to #ECSDfaithinspires.

Each year, the Council of Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta sponsors the Excellence in Catholic Education Awards. These awards honour individuals who provide our students with exceptional learning experiences that are deeply rooted in our Catholic faith. We are delighted to share that three of our staff have received this prestigious award: Pascal El Cid, teacher at Sister Annata Brockman Catholic Elementary/Junior High School; Patricia Liogier, Principal of St. Leo Catholic Elementary School; and Theresa Volk, Principal of Bishop David Motiuk Catholic Elementary/Junior High School. Congratulations Pascal, Patricia, and Theresa!

Our Division is currently working with Alberta Education to determine what September re-entry will look like. They have directed us to prepare for three possible scenarios: return to normal classroom instruction, partial return to classes/return with restrictions in place and remaining in a remote learning situation. Which scenario we end up beginning the year with is entirely dependent on the pandemic status at the end of the summer and our ability to ensure that our students and staff can maintain their health and safety. The Ministry has indicated that they will decide what re-entry will be by August 1st in order to allow us ample time to be prepared for learning in the 2020-21 school year. We will let our families know what fall classes will look like as soon as this has been determined.

As Father’s Day approaches and we celebrate all those who have filled the role of father, grandfather, or mentor, let us take a moment to pray for them and give thanks.

Heavenly Father,
Today we ask You to bless our earthly fathers
for the many times they reflected the love, strength, generosity, wisdom and mercy that You exemplify in Your relationship with us, Your children.
We honour our fathers for putting our needs above their own convenience and comfort;
for teaching us to show courage and determination in the face of adversity;
for challenging us to move beyond self-limiting boundaries;
for modeling the qualities that would turn us into responsible, principled, caring adults.

We ask your blessing on those men who served as father figures in our lives. May the love and selflessness they showed us be returned to them in all their relationships, and help them to know that their influence has changed us for the better. We pray that our fathers who have passed into the next life have been welcomed into Your loving embrace, and that our family will one day be reunited in your heavenly kingdom.


(Adapted from A Christopher Prayer for Father's Day)

Pope Francis shared a thought on Twitter that is the perfect punctuation mark on our theme for this year. He said, “If we are transparent before the Lord like a crystal, His light – the light of mercy – will shine in us and, through us, in the world.” (05/19/20)

Have a wonderful June!

Robert Martin
Chief Superintendent