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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Superintendent's Message - December 2019

ECSD Parent Newsletters - Story-telling and the Wisdom of Time.pdf

We’re waiting for Jesus like Mary, We’re waiting for Jesus the Lord. Come down, Lord Jesus!  Come quickly, Lord Jesus! The whole world is waiting for Love, The whole world is waiting for Love.(Misetich, The Whole World is Waiting for Love)

The lyrics of this beautiful hymn capture the essence of the Advent season.  Just like our Holy Mother, who said “yes” to God, we are excitedly waiting for the birth of Jesus, our Saviour.  We will spend the upcoming weeks preparing our hearts to welcome that greatest of gifts, God’s love, made flesh, in the form of a tiny babe in a humble manger.  It is a time for us to gaze inward and find some silence and peace in the busyness of our days and the noise of the world around us to focus on this love.  This is truly the grace of getting ready for Christmas!

The Division Satisfaction Survey will run from November 25 - December 6.  Every household will receive one parent survey per child enrolled in an Edmonton Catholic School. Please respond to each survey separately from the point of view of each child's educational experience. You can either return your parent survey to your child’s school or use the postage paid envelope and Canada Post.  If you don’t receive your survey, or if you would like more information about a question as it relates to your school, please phone the principal.  The voice of our parents is so important to us!

The recent provincial budget is a difficult one.  Edmonton Catholic Schools is committed to keeping services to classrooms intact for the rest of this school year and to strategically and thoughtfully managing decreased provincial funding for the 2020-21 year.   This will require us to draw on our reserves as an interim measure and to scrutinize all non-essential spending for the remainder of the year.  We are grateful to have, due to prudent long-term financial management, the emergency resources in place to allow us to provide uninterrupted educational services to our students for the remainder of the school year.  We are in the process of determining the impact that the current budget will have on transportation user fees and will report our findings as soon as possible to give families time to budget accordingly.

Our Board will approve our Budget at the December 17, 2019 Public Meeting of the Board, and they will continue to advocate for appropriate per pupil funding to meet student needs and address enrolment growth.

I leave you with a beautiful Advent message from Pope Francis during an Address last year: “We Christians are called upon to preserve and spread the joy of waiting: we await God Who loves us infinitely and at the same time we are awaited by Him. In this way, life becomes a great period of betrothal. We are not left to ourselves, we are not alone. We are visited, now already.”  (12/01/18)

Have a blessed December and a wonderful Christmas Break, enjoying the love of your family and friends, and the love of our God!


Joan Carr