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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Superintendent's Message - November 2018

“Let us thank God for His great love in having blessed Edmonton with the gift of giving so much joy, so much care and so much love…to all those who in the last 100 years in educating and preparing the young people to know, to love and to serve God.”

~ Message of St. Mother Teresa to Edmonton Catholic Schools for our 100th Anniversary~

Chapter Two - Rejoice and Be Glad
Religious Insert - Who Do You Say That I Am

We are so fortunate in this day and age to have made connections to modern saints during their lifetimes.  30 years ago, Mother Teresa sent us congratulations on our centennial anniversary.  Her message is one which endures, for the love of God remains always at the centre of all that we do.

November 2, 2018 marks exactly 130 years since we opened our first Edmonton Catholic School in 1888. On that day, schools across the District will join in a special celebration of gratitude for this legacy and for our present and future.  Our story is one which speaks to the ongoing tenacity and advocacy of the nuns who were our first leaders, and of the Catholic community since then.  This is followed by Catholic Education Sunday on November 4, which provides us all with the opportunity to give thanks for and to advocate for publicly funded Catholic education in our Province.  Visit our website to learn more.

We are pleased to have entered into an agreement with St. Joseph’s College at the University of Alberta to support the Certificate in Catholic Education as an excellent opportunity for pre-service teachers to focus their formation on living out their vocation to Catholic education.  This partnership offers us mutual support in training our future Catholic teachers so that they are prepared to help our children grow in Christ.

The end of the month of October is always very exciting for us as it is the time when several of our accountability measures are made public.  We are very proud of our student achievement. There are 2 sets of results, the grade 6 Provincial Achievement Tests and the Diploma Examinations, that give us feedback on how our students are performing relative to the Province.  

The Accountability Pillar, October 2018, our overall report card from the Province, brought great news! Edmonton Catholic Schools had better results than the Province in 12 of 16 measures and no areas were identified as needing improvement.  The high school completion 3-year (85.6%) and 5-year (89.1%) rates are 7.6 % and 5.7% above the Province respectively. Our drop-out rate (1.2%) is almost half that of the Province. Parental involvement and Diploma excellence in our District ‘improved significantly’ according to the Accountability Pillar.  For more detail visit or click here for the Accountability Pillar and PAT and Diploma results

Another measure that we use to assess our performance in many areas and to set targets for growth is our own District Satisfaction Survey.  This vital survey gathers opinions from students, parents, and staff on individual schools and on District operations.  Every student from grade 4-12 will complete the survey, as will all staff.  Every household will receive one parent survey per child enrolled in an Edmonton Catholic School. Please respond to each survey separately from the point of view of each child's educational experience. It is so important that you let your voice be heard. You can either return your parent survey to your child’s school or use the postage paid envelope and Canada Post.  The District Satisfaction Survey will run from November 26 - December 7.  Thank you in advance for your participation.

November, which brings Remembrance Day and Holodomor Memorial Day, provides us with excellent opportunities to reflect on the injustices in the world and to examine the importance of our actions in bringing justice and peace to our communities and to the world.  This is a message that our Holy Father shares, holding Saint Mother Teresa up as a model of action for us:  

Carry peace with you to give it to others with your life, with a smile, with works of charity. Saint Mother Teresa, pray for us!  (Pope Francis, Sept. 5/18)


Joan Carr