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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Superintendent's Message - May 2019

May religious insert - Pope Francis to the Rescue - Your Are My Beloved Child.pdf

Gentle woman, quiet light, morning star, so strong and bright,
Gentle mother, peaceful dove, teach us wisdom, teach us love.

(Hail Mary, Gentle Woman, Landry)

May presents us with a special opportunity to honor our Holy Mother, Mary. There are so many lessons that we can learn from her as we ponder her special place in our faith as the Mother of our Savior. Our students will spend time praying the Rosary this month, and as they reflect upon her humility before God, they will also learn about love, service, sacrifice, peace, and wisdom.

May is also a special time to celebrate faith-based education during Catholic Education Week, May 6-10. Schools will carry out a variety of activities that allow staff, students, and families to reflect upon the many ways in which Catholic education has enriched their learning experiences. We encourage everyone to wear blue that week in support of Catholic education. We will also have an opportunity to celebrate a special liturgy for World Catholic Education Day on May 30.

Our 38th Annual Ben Calf Robe Traditional Pow Wow will take place at the Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre from 1-10 pm on Saturday, May 11. This free event is a spectacular opportunity to witness the beauty of Indigenous culture as people of all ages share in the spirituality of the drum and dance. Grand Entries are at 1 pm and 6 pm; all are welcome!

As we approach year end and the busyness of schedules increases, I encourage you to visit your school website and frequently to keep up to date on exam schedules, school and District events, and emergent information. You can also follow Edmonton Catholic Schools and your child’s school on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

I leave you with a special prayer for all of the women who fill the role of Mother in our lives:

O loving God, bless all mothers.
Bless their forgiving hearts, their open arms, their welcoming smiles.
Nurture their souls as they nurture ours.
Care for their bodies as they care for ours.
Pray for them as they pray for us.
Teach them mercy and kindness as they teach us.
Feed their hunger for knowledge as they feed us.
Share your wondrous stories with them as they share with us.
Love them always as they love us.

(Adapted from Words for the Journey, Freemantle and Miller)

Have a beautiful month!

Joan Carr