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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Custodian Appreciation Day - October 2nd

“According to Christian tradition, (work) is more than merely “doing”; it is, above all, a mission... In this way, ‘every worker is the hand of Christ that continues to create and to do good’.”

(Pope Francis, Letter to the participants in the International Conference “From Populorum progressio to Laudato si’”, 11/24/17)


October 2 of each year is set aside as National Custodian Appreciation Day.  This day acknowledges and values the work that takes place behind the scenes to keep our schools and office buildings clean and safe. 

Thank you to all our custodians and to all our AUPE employees  for the many extra efforts they make daily to ensure that Edmonton Catholic Schools is  a great place for learning.  As our Holy Father shared above, your hands – the loving work that you do – are the hands of Christ that create and do good for our students and staff.  Your work is appreciated each and every day!  We thank you!

Joan Carr