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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Student Learning in Edmonton Catholic Schools

“Teams are incredible things. No task is too great, no accomplishment too grand, no dream too far-fetched for a team. It takes teamwork to make the dream work.” 

(John C. Maxwell,Teamwork Makes the Dream Work) 

At our Public Meeting of the Board last night, we presented our Student Learning Accountability Report.  The report shared the results from our Accountability Pillar-October 2018 and our PAT and Diploma results.  This was a moment of great pride for Edmonton Catholic Schools!  It was a celebration of the amazing work that is carried out by the highly committed team of people in Edmonton Catholic Schools who join their efforts together to provide an excellent Catholic education to our students so that they can flourish.

Our students are excelling in their academics, and the success goes well beyond that.  Our high school completion rates continue to increase. Our 3-year high school completion rate climbed to 85.6%, which is above the provincial rate of 78.0%. Our 5-year high school completion rate is even higher at 89.1% while the province is at 83.4%. In addition, our District’s drop-out rate of 1.2% is almost half the provincial drop-out rate of 2.3%.  The high school completion rate, drop-out rate, parental involvement, and diploma excellence in our District ‘improved significantly’ according to the Accountability Pillar.  Our FNMI and ELL students also continue to excel in high school completion and staying in school.

Trustee Harris shared the following in response to our results: “If ever there was evidence needed of the value of ‘Parental choice’, the value of choice in publicly funded education and the value of Catholic education… this is it… just look at the data, the evidence…”

These results are not just a story of student success, they are the story of the tremendous success and commitment of our staff.  I encourage each of you to visit our website page Continued Success in PAT and Diploma Exam Results to read the news release about the great work that is happening in Edmonton Catholic Schools and to look at the evidence that your generous work is making a difference to our students.

Our dream is that every one of our students will graduate high school, and you, our team, will make that dream a reality.

Thank you for your amazing teamwork, and congratulations on a job well done!

Joan Carr