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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Holodomor Memorial Day

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. 
~George Santayana~

Holodomor is a Ukrainian word with two parts:  Holod, which means hunger, and moryty, which means a slow, cruel death.  The Holodomor, which was the Soviet government- engineered famine inside Ukraine from the period of 1932-1933, remains the greatest genocide to happen during a time of peace.  At the height of the famine 25,000 people were dying each day from starvation.

Holodomor Memorial Day in Canada is the fourth Saturday of November – November 24 this year.   Edmonton Catholic Schools has deep ties with Edmonton’s Ukrainian community, and we join them in remembering this atrocity.  We learn about it with our students so that they can be a part of preventing such tragedy from occurring again.  Our commemoration will take place on November 23.

Please visit our website  and click on the Holodomor graphic to learn more and to access our resources.  I have included a poem from two Manitoba teachers which was read by their students in the Manitoba legislature a few days ago.