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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Advent 2018

We’re waiting for Jesus like Mary, we’re waiting for Jesus the Lord.
Come down, Lord Jesus! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!
The whole world is waiting for Love.

(The Whole World is Waiting for Love,Marianne Misetich)

This hymn presents such a beautiful picture of our season of Advent.  It is so simple; we are waiting for the arrival of God’s greatest gift of love for us, his Son, Jesus.  As we are anticipating the birth of the Messiah, we feel the same hope, joy, and peace that Mary must have felt as she prepared for his arrival.

May this time of waiting bring you many opportunities to pause with your family and reflect on the wonderful gift that is coming to us with the impending birth of Jesus.  May this Advent provide you with many occasions to see God’s abundant love in your life!

Joan Carr