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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week March 12-16, 2018

As a professional replacement for the regular classroom teacher, the substitute must be recognized and accepted as an important member of the profession… It takes an enthusiastic, flexible, skillful and knowledgeable person to be effective in the variety of positions substitute teachers are asked to fill, often with very little notice.  (Substitute Teachers: Professional Replacements, ATA, p. 4)

The life of the substitute teacher brings a special perspective to the adage “every day is a new beginning”.  They joyfully embrace each new assignment as an opportunity to enhance the learning of the children and youth whom they work with on a given day.  This very special ministry allows them to approach each momentary encounter with a student as a chance to make a difference, and it requires an abundant generosity of spirit.

The resource cited above shares the following:

If substitute teachers were not available as professional replacements, regular classroom teachers would not be able to take advantage of in-service and professional development opportunities, and the variety of leaves available to teachers would be much more difficult to obtain. Substitute teachers are integral members of the public education system and the teaching profession. (p.4)

Thank you so much to our substitute teachers, our professional replacements, for the significant impact that you have in ensuring the continuity of learning in our schools and in empowering your colleagues to continue their learning and to meet their obligations that pull them from the classroom!  A heart felt thanks to each of you…know that you are greatly appreciated for all that you do!

Joan Carr