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Edmonton Catholic Schools

About Us

​​​​​In 1888, three nuns from the order of the Faithful Companions of Jesus began teaching 23 Catholic students in the very first Catholic school in Edmonton.

We have grown as a school district from one school with 23 students into what it is today​​. A district with an enrolment of 41,333 students (as of September 30, 2016) and 90 schools.  We are blessed to offer ​publicly funded Catholic education!!

Annual Reports and Results​

Visit the Annual Reports and Results page for the following information:

  • Three-Year Strategic Education Plan
  • Annual Education Results Report
  • Capital Plan Priorities
  • District Satisfaction Survey Results
  • Accountability Pillar Report
  • District Goals and Priorities
  • Enrolment and Class Size Information
  • Diploma Examination Results
  • Provincial Achievement Test Results
  • District Budget
  • Financial Statements
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