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Edmonton Catholic Schools

Research Applications

The Edmonton Catholic School District considers research to be of value to improving the theories and practices of learning and teaching and encourages the conduct of research in the pursuit of these ends.   However, application to conduct research does not guarantee that a particular research project will be approved.  Edmonton Catholic Schools may refuse permission if a project does not meet the criteria set out in the District’s Administrative Policy and Regulations (See Administrative Procedures Manual ) or if the District has an overload of projects already underway.  Furthermore, District approval does not bind individual schools and/or teachers who may, for reasons of their own, decline to participate.  The Edmonton Catholic School District website ( ) provides insightful information concerning programs offered and District philosophies which may be of assistance in making application to conduct research in the Edmonton Catholic School District.

Approval for proposed research projects is more likely to be obtained for projects that:

  • have educational benefits to the schools and district  
  • place realistic demands on school personnel
  • have limited impact on normal school and classroom activities
  • demonstrate awareness of sensitive issues and the philosophy of the district

Note:  Research projects that require videotaping or photography of students during school time and/or on school property will not be approved